Highest definition picture ever taken of Cape Town

Posted by batman on Feb 27th, 2010
Feb 27

Virtual Tours are an organization that provide virtual, often 360ยบ views of various sites, amongst them Nelson Mandela’s jail cell on Robben Island.

One of their most spectacular creations is the so-called “Highest definition picture ever taken of Cape Town” – click here to view. It really is a mind-blowing photographic achievement. Since this photo (the word ‘photo’ somehow seems so inadequate), they have been commissioned to do similar projects of scenes in Gautend and Durban – the start of great things i feel.

Some details as to the size of this image (taken directly from their site):

  • It was created by stitching 1850,fully zoomed (x 20 optical zoom), 10 MegaPixel images together.
  • The time it took from the first shot (top left) and last shot (lower right) being taken, was about 3 hours.
  • It’s 205 000 pixels wide.
  • That equates to a printout of about 90 m x 15 m!
  • The end result was a 25 GigaBytes RAW file which takes about an hour to open on my Macbook Pro.

Enjoy – I certainly did. It just reminds me once again why Cape Town is considered one of the most scenic cities in the world!

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