Tsitsikamma Hiking Trail

Posted by batman on Mar 18th, 2008
Mar 18

Tsitsikamma is the Khoi-San word for a place of many waters. The Tsitsikamma hiking trail is inland from the Tsitsikamma National Park and traverses the base of the rolling Tsitsikamma mountains passing through indigenous forest, fynbos and pine plantations.

The cheapest option is to organise the trail yourself. Trails for Africa offers a luxury trail service which can include: transport arrangements, a guide, all meals and portage of your luggage. All you have to do walk with a light daypack.

The trail is parallel to the better known Otter trail which follows the coastline in the opposite direction. So if you want to indulge in a trail orgy then you can walk both trails one after the other and end up where you started.

The fynbos is typical montane fynbos of the southern cape mountains and is at it’s most spectacular in spring and early summer. The indigenous forest canopy reaches up to 30m in places and is a welcome respite from the summer heat. Rivers abound and each day reveals pools that take your breath away with their beauty and swimming is a contstant temptation.

The mostly shy wildlife includes baboon, vervet monkey, leopard, caracal, honey badger, large-spotted genet, blue duiker and bushbuck. Birdlife thrives in the varied habitats and include, forest buzzard, rameron pigeon, narina trogon, sombre bulbul, forest canary, swee waxbill and orange-breasted and black sunbird.

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