Posted by batman on Dec 17th, 2007
Dec 17


Hi, and welcome to my Blog.

About Me

My first names are actually Bruce Wayne. I’ve often been given the nickname of ‘Batman’ because of this, and somehow its just grown on me.

I am a solitary kind of soul who would really enjoy having a dark, underground cavern that one can get to via a secret entrance in the main mansion. And hey – i think it’d be pretty cool to fly – or at least appear to be…

Blog Contents

The contents of this blog may be loosely described as follows:

  • Unusual or mysterious places, events or articles
  • Photography
  • Jokes and humour (above the belt)
  • Sports (Motor Racing, Golf, Cricket, Rugby)
  • Linux and Open Source
  • Java Development (Ant, JMeter)

Unusual Places

I try to find articles about places, or events, or anything else that may be unusual, not well known, mysterious or unexplained. It can include places e.g. Clingstone Manor, mysteries e.g. The Giants of Easter Island, or events e.g The Northern Lights, etc.. Please feel free to dropme a line if there is something else you can suggest.


I will try to include either my own photo’s, other (non-copyright) excellent photo’s, or links to other (copywright) photographers sites. I may also post articles pertaining to skills of photography, tips and tricks or other helpful information.

Humour and Jokes

Any jokes or funny articles – that will be clean and above-the-belt.


Any sporting articles, including motorsport (Formula One, MotoGP, SBK, WRC, A1, NASCAR, IRL), golf, tenns, cricket and rugby. This may of course expand with time

I hope you enjoy my blog, and please visit again soon.

Bruce Wayne

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