What’s the deal with Severus Snape?

Posted by batman on Apr 15th, 2008
Apr 15

Professor Severus Snape - Harry PotterI’ve read all seven of the Harry Potter books – twice! And loved them! But I still don’t “get” what the deal with Severus Snape is. OK – I get that he loved Lily Potter, and was pretty cut up when Voldemort killed her having received the information of the prophecy from Snape. But is that it – is that really all there is to it?

What makes Harry name his son after Severus, referring to him as the “bravest man he knew”? Yes, he lived a dual life, being Dumbledores right-hand man, but also Voldemorts. But is that the “bravery” he refers to – pretending to be a Death Eater?

I guess I was just expecting something infinitely more concrete, more sinister perhaps, something that one would discover with a shock. I’m sorry, but it just doesn’t prove, really prove beyond all doubt – why Dumbledore had such an absolute trust in him.

Perhaps there’s someone out there that can help me understand what i’m missing?

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