Hurricane Isabel

Posted by batman on Mar 18th, 2008
Mar 18

Hurricane Isabel off coast of North Carolina from oil tanker – 2003

hurricane isabel approaching oil tanker

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10 Responses

  1. prach prach Says:

    that is an amazing picture.

  2. alex alex Says:

    It's a bulk carrier, not an oil tanker

  3. batman batman Says:

    you’re quite right of course. thanks for pointing it out.

  4. beebojupe beebojupe Says:

    This is NOT a hurricane photo.  This is, rather, a small sea storm.  Note how low the clouds are.  Hurricanes can top out at 60,000 feet (+).  You can see blue sky right over the top of this thing.  Note the nonexistence of any waves.  Note how relatively small the circumference is of that storm.  The width of hurricanes are hundreds of miles wide!  Sorry… NOT a hurricane by any stretch of the imagination!

  5. Jacques Jacques Says:

    beebojupe is pretty rude. sweet photo. chill out beebojupe

  6. Coringa Coringa Says:

    Beebojupe may be rude, but also is right about the storm. And, yes, nice pic

  7. Alex Alex Says:

    wow i would crap myself if i took this picture……..

  8. Andrea Andrea Says:

    It is a hurricane. I have seen many photos and was in Miami for Hurricane Andrew. This is exactly what the sky looked like. The low ceiling effect, the mushrooming… You don't forget this ever. It's terrifying.

  9. anonymous anonymous Says:

    That boat is going straight into that… whatever it is, I think this is a typical moment were the captain would say: 'Houston, we have a problem'

  10. ~Z~ ~Z~ Says:

    I’ve lived in Florida for the full 23 years of my life, and this it definitely a hurricane! You can even see the clouds being twisted into the edge of the spire. Quite a beautiful photo. …. I miss Charlie… He came and went too fast… … Did you really drive into that thing!?

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