Tribute to the Hikers

Posted by batman on Jun 30th, 2006
Jun 30

Respectfully taken from the Blog of Colleen Louw: (

I last did this for the Tsitsikamma hike years ago – say a thank you and a tribute to the group I was with. On this hike, each of us was quite strong-willed and yet we had enough respect and humour to keep ourselves in good spirits for 2 weeks. And we looked after each other, which is not something others often do. I think this trip is one of those experiences that won’t come again, not with such a group and such an ideal set of circumstances. I will look back on it fondly.

So, here’sā€¦..

To Woody, Mister Abraham Boep-pens himself. Your assistance with organizing the trip was invaluable and your stubbornness about where we had to be when turned out to be spot on. Thank you for making sure we didn’t wind up in outer Caprivi and for the incredible amount of driving. It was a contrast to see a tough dude with a lion king pillow, you’ll never live it down šŸ™‚

To Daja, for making me look forward to my fifties, gosh, if I have the energy you have when I’m 35 I’ll be well pleased ! Your kindness on the trip was something that everyone picked up on and it was welcome. The foot massage was heavenly, I owe you one. Thanks also for reminding us to look down, to take in the changing foliage and changing rocks and stones and not just be focused on the horizon and the next white foot.

To Nicola, for being a tough cookie in the face of a pesky cough. You brought a welcome dose of feminine grace to the entire exercise yet hiked strong day after day. Your calm patience despite various attempts by a couple of the boys to sneak into your mattress/ply you with alcohol under the guise of “lessons”/wash your back was amusing to watch and well-handled šŸ™‚

To John, for somehow quietly packing up and moving off every single morning while the rest of us pondered our mushy breakfast and unpacked packs. Thanks for the haunting sound of the harmonica, for a constant supply of tea and that gentlemanly manner that warmed the girls’ hearts (Pat, you’ve scored a gem of a man !).

To Bruce, the Bunny Wabbit himself, for tackling almost every chain first, finding the route on the 5th day and being in such good spirits all the time. For the record, despite your manly attempts at being an oke, you survived 8 days without a klap because – brace yourself – you’re a nice guy. And don’t worry, I won’t mention your hydrating marula moisturizer to anyone šŸ™‚

And lastly, of course to Sam, who was hiking when I was a wee pip-squeak and continues to. I’m really glad that you’re still speaking to me, I got a couple of mean and worrying looks back there. Your generosity of spirit hasn’t dimmed at all over the years nor your readiness to laugh and make others laugh. Your various “action shots” and pics have created a memory bank for this club and for intermittent hikers like me and it is a precious thing. Keep it up !



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